Hello! I'm Becky! I am crazy about Jesus and love Him with my whole heart! He is the reason I do anything at all. He created a person of passion when he created me. I love what I love. I have worked as a wedding and event planner for over 8 years conducting over 475 events. Working in this industry has taught me tons about why I do what I do. It brought out my passion for making things beautiful.

My passion of creating something beautiful was morphed when my sisters and I would watch The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez. Her romanticized life was something I longed for. Yet, as we all come to realize, that is not real life. Life is messy, hard, and can bring on challenges we never thought we would have to face. The beauty of this, we don’t have to do it alone. Being in the event industry you come to challenges, situations, and people you would never think of facing. But, the good news, Jesus died to give us abundant, beautiful life here on this earth! Without him, I would not be where I am today. He gives me the strength to love what I do. He is the reason I make things beautiful, because He is beautiful. He gives me the ability and talent to create fabulous and beautiful events! 







I have a BS degree in Public Relations and Journalism, with a minor in Religion from Southeastern University and an AA degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Business from Iowa Central Community College.