Wendi & Matt

Happy 1st Anniversary! 

Wow! How time flies! This is such an exciting post to share with you! Wendi & Matt were married in August last year in Omaha, Nebraska. Not only was their venue stunning, but their day was one I will never forget. Let me tell you why. 

I met Wendi in 1st grade. Going to a small private elementary school, Wendi and I did pretty much everything together. Beyond the classroom, sports, and all the extracurricular activities. Wendi and I were both farm girls. Little did I know then, but I believe this was one small fact was a big reason why the two of us remained friends even when high school separated us. Wendi and I continued to go to youth group together and in high school is when we bonded in a way that I cannot express. It is not common to find a friend that will stick through every single stage of life a true testament  our mutual faith in Jesus. But, with Wendi I have. A true blessing from the Lord! 

Wendi and I have done everything together since. After 8th grade graduation, we graduated high school the same year. Then community college together, after community college we both moved to Florida to complete our bachelor's degree. I then convinced Wendi to get a double major so we could both graduate with our bachelor's together!  4 milestones of graduations, we shared. Not long after the biggest blessing of all joined our duo. Hayden James. The absolute cutest boy you will ever meet! Hayden was born in September, and is almost 5 years old today! Every second I spend with him is one I cherish. He blesses me in so many ways, I could not be luckier to get the opportunity to love him. But, the Lord knew we weren't done adding to our family. 

Hayden <3

I will never forget the day Wendi called me to tell me about her new boyfriend. Her words "Becky, he is different." At that moment, I knew our lives had changed forever. Not long after I got the opportunity to meet Matt, and it was easy to see how they felt about one another. As a best friend, who has been around for EVERY SINGLE BOYFRIEND, it is a precious thing to watch someone you love so deeply fall in love, with the one.

I am so blessed to call her my best friend for 20 years! I never imagined I would get to be apart of her big day in this way. It was so much more than a wedding. It was a true celebration. Welcome to the family Matt! xoxo

Getting ready!
The Dress
There I am with my beautiful sisters! 

There I am with my beautiful sisters! 

Venue: The Living Room- Omaha, NE

Photographer: Brooke Pavel Photography Des Moines, IA

Design and Planning: Mostly Becky Weddings & Events

Rachel & Seth

When your sister gets married you get the privilege of filling many shoes. I was the wedding planner, designer, decorator, Maid of Honor and sister of the bride. This wedding was such an honor to be apart of. Not only is Rachel my best friend, I have had the absolute pleasure to watch her and Seth grow not only in their relationship, but in their relationship with the Lord. Seth and Rachel started their love in High School. 

Every day after school, Rachel would get into the car in our High School parking lot and say "Oh my goodness he looked at me!" Who, I would reply. "Seth Lehman...." She would just sit there googly-eyed. One thing you will learn quickly about Rachel. She knows what she wants and there is no changing her mind. 

She exercises this in all areas of her life. Especially with Seth. It was no surprise when their 9 year relationship turned out to a forever commitment. I love them, and am honored to have Seth join our family. 


Val Marlene Photography

Tom & Corrine

I must say a wedding has never felt more like home than this event! Corrine a Wisconsin native met Tom her groom at Iowa State University. What was so special about this event, is Tom's family is from a small town in Iowa. That small town happens to be the exact town I grew up in! 

Unknown to me, the world just kept getting smaller and smaller during the planning season. And after all the introductions of families and friends, I have never felt more at home. Both Corrine's and Tom's families are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. It is truly a pleasure to share some of the images from their big day! 

Thanks Dust Studios for all your hard work & sharing with us! xoxo

Erin & Shawn

When I received a call from Erin this past spring, I was immediately excited to start on her wedding. Erin was soft spoken, sweet, and super gentle. Her words were so appreciative. I could not have asked for a better bride. 

Erin grew up in my same hometown, so planning a wedding at "home" was a gift in itself. I am so grateful to share just a peek of what her day was like. 

The Ceremony

I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did! 

Ceremony Decor
Logan Clement Photography was such a fabulous vendor to work with! 

Logan Clement Photography was such a fabulous vendor to work with! 

The Reception
The Cake
The Details

A Wedding Surprise

One thing I truly do love about my job, is no matter how many weddings I have planned (way too many to count), there is never a single one that is the same. The Wedding Day has become a beautiful opportunity to show your individual uniqueness. 

I am often asked, "What is the craziest wedding you have done?" And it is my pleasure to share with you a little story about 3 beautiful people I got the pleasure of knowing, just a little bit. It may not be the craziest, but is one of the specialist moments I have be lucky enough to be apart of. 

"Hi, I am looking for help planning my reception. Here's the thing, my husband and I are already married and we have a beautiful son. I am really looking for a great party,  with amazing decor and really just a great party! Do you think you can help" And of course I jumped on the opportunity! Events that are out of the ordinary are my specialty! Within a few weeks, I knew this would be an event I would really enjoy planning. 

"Hi Becky, so glad we could talk, well, I have some news....I'm pregnant and I was thinking, I would love to reveal the gender of the baby at the reception, do you think that is something we can pull off?" 

Immediately I started to brainstorm with my lovely bride. Together we came up with a one-of-a-kind gender reveal.....A BALLOON DROP over the dance floor! That was it! How was I going to pull this off? 

The problem, most balloon drops, or should I say ALL balloon drops are transparent! So, after many dead-ends, my amazing assistant and I just made one! I will spare you the grueling details of this process. But, I will tell you this. We got it put together, hung up on the vaulted ceiling, and no balloons were in sight! 

That nigh before the reception, I could hardly sleep. I was so nervous, I had no clue if my balloon drop would be still connected to the ceiling when I arrived in the morning. 

But, to my surprise, it was there! And no colored balloons could be seen. I was ecstatic! After being cornered by many guests who were trying their best to bribe me to spill the secret the time finally came for the gender of the baby to be revealed. 

This moment was priceless, and I was so blessed to be apart of it! 
Thank you Quinn for allowing me into such a beautiful moment in your life! 




It's a girl!!! 


Emily & Rob

There is something about a downtown wedding. No matter which city you happen to find yourself. Downtown has a charm of its own. 

I do love this event. I hope you love it too! 

Wedding at the Capital

Emily & Rob were married in Des Moines, Iowa this September. They both lived out in Colorado prior to their move back to Iowa. And so of course we had tons to talk about immediately. Emily was one of the most organized, goal-minded brides I have ever had. She knew what she wanted, and got it done. I loved working with her!  Any wedding planner who gets the pleasure of working with a "kindred-spirit" does not take it for granted.  Her taste is exquisite and I am so exited to share some of the images from their beautiful wedding day. 

Shattering Silence Monument
Here comes the bride

Paciencia & Aaron

I may not be a photographer, but I do love showing off my beautiful clients taste. 

Look at this event! 


Meet Heather

Miss Heather, is probably one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. Sitting down for coffee one afternoon, I learned that she is a woman of passion. Not just for weddings, but her Jesus too! 

And boy, do we love that around here! 

I am so excited to be able to share a little bit of her passion and joy, that she so simply brings into any room. 

Miss Heather


Heather, is it my honor to have you on Mostly Becky's team. - So thank you!