When I started my wedding planning and project management business over 9 years ago I dreamed of the day when I would travel all over the world, have multiple hubs in most major cities in the U.S. and a team that spread nationwide! Well, friends today is that day! We have officially hired our wedding assistant here in the Richmond, VA area! Gabrielle is the coolest chick! When we met her, she had purple hair! I mean, we love a girl who loves what she loves and doesn't care who knows it! 

Gabrielle is confident, kind, attentive, and responsive. When we spoke on the phone for her initial interview we knew almost immediately that we wanted her on the team! But, due to distance we had to wait a few months to meet in person. When we had the pleasure to meet, she was early, knew exactly what Starbucks drink she wanted and all the those attributes that leaked through the phone were even more present in person. We knew she was meant to be! 

Gabrielle, more commonly known as, Gabby loves rabbits, sushi, the color purple (if you couldn't tell with her current hair color),  and CUTE CLOTHES- I mean who doesn't? Her favorite place to travel to is Florida! Lucky for us, we plan weddings there too! :) If she could have any purse it would be a Kate Spade- Um, great taste!! And she cannot go a day without her friends! 

We are so honored to call her a partner in this crazy business we work in! 

Look at JUST how cute she is!! 

Look at JUST how cute she is!! 


Gabby, welcome to the team! We JUST LOVE that you are here! 

Make sure to keep up with her here! 





Wait, what? Is getting arrested something I should be worried about when planning my wedding? We hope not!  Which is why we are here to help you avoid some of these small ideas that can turn bad quickly! 

Photo by Val Marlene

Photo by Val Marlene

Drinking and Driving

This is obvious! But, there are small things you can add into your wedding plan that will help not only keep your guests safe, but make navigating through your wedding events a little easier. If you have a multi-location event make sure to reserve transportation for your wedding party. This is not an uncommon practice, plus it is a lot of fun! But, what you may want to consider is do your guests know the best possible way to get home safely? If you can, reserve a block of rooms at a location within walking distance or connected to your reception. This allows guests who maybe don't want to hassle with driving at all the option to stay close by and let loose without thinking about getting home at the end of the night. In the case that staying close by is not an option, look into public transportation, taxi's, and limos. There are so many creative car services these days that can be easy and affordable for anyone. But, because of this it can also be confusing to someone who is NOT familiar with it. Do your research and educate your guests. Post it on your wedding website, add it into your RVSP thank you response. Allowing your guests to have this information ahead of time will be so helpful, especially if your event is a destination! 

Over Serving Guests 

In the past few years brides have become creative with their wedding locations. We have seen less and less all inclusive wedding venues being first choice! If your venue does not provide a bartender who will hold or obtain a liquor licence you may need to do some research on what insurance and liability you are taking on as the event host while serving alcohol. Of course, over serving is never the goal at any event, but it can happen easier when a professional is not monitoring this! Do your research, ask your wedding planner and stay safe! 

Photo by Brooke Pavel

Photo by Brooke Pavel

Breaking Capacity on Fire Codes

Most venues will hold this responsibility and only allow your headcount to stay within the fire codes. But, this will be an important responsibility for you as the couple to create and stick to your guest list. If you need help crafting your guest list you can always ask your wedding planner for help. But, for a general rule. 80% of invited guests will actually arrive. Think through your guests list, where they are traveling from, and how likely they are to forget to RSVP and bring an uninvited guest. Although, you cannot predict any of these, your wedding planner can help plan for the instances when your guests surprise you! If your venue does not provide this information to you, ASK! 

Lighting Photo Booth Props on Fire

I know this may sound crazy. But, the wedding industry has taught me a lot and the biggest thing it has taught me is never say never. Yes, this instance has actually happened at an event I planned. Photo booths are sometimes the highlight of your guests night and such a great addition to any wedding reception. But, be careful think through where this is located, what props you plan to have available and always take precaution when serving alcohol. Make sure you have entirely read the contract of your venue to see what liability you take on as the paying couple!  And of course! Ask your wedding photographer or planner for tips! 

Breaking Liquor Licensing

This one can be confusing! So make sure to get a professionals help. Most full-service wedding venues will have this license and help guide you through the plan of your reception while staying within these guidelines. But, if your venue is a private space where there may not be straight forward guidelines, ask your wedding planner for help! They should be able to guide you to the right place for insurance and state laws for serving alcohol. Also, make sure if there are guidelines that seems a little out of the ordinary, run them by your wedding planner so they can help enforce them during the event to keep you and your guests safe. Plus, they can help avoid extra fees that may occur if these are broken. No matter how complicated it gets, remember, don't be afraid to ask! 

Image by Dust Studios

Image by Dust Studios




You've hired a wedding planner- What happens now?

You've heard it, hire a wedding planner.

Okay, so then what happens next? We wanted to help you know what to expect from your wedding planner, how to see the difference in a quality & experienced wedding professional compared to someone else on the market. 


They will be responsive to your needs. 

Any wedding professional who has quality experience will work with you. They know enough of the industry to be of help. In conversation with them you will hear their experiences in stories and tips. If your wedding professional is limiting times spent with them, limiting questions, or not offering reviews from trusted sources, be weary. 

Their experience will overflow into conversations. 

Always speak to the wedding planner you are interested in hiring. Websites can be made beautiful, Instagram, and online imagery can be easily persuasive. But, a wedding planner is much more than just pretty pictures! They should be a sounding board for all questions you have. When you ask, their experience should overflow into conversations. And the lessons they have learned along the way are to your benefit. If you are speaking to a wedding planner you like and questions are raised, but no real life examples can be given. I would keep looking!

They will be your guide.

Each wedding planner will have their own style. But, they should lead the way. Getting you to the next step. Even if they are NOT a full-service company. A experienced and great wedding planner will be someone who can tell you what to do next, give you estimates on how long things should take, and follow up with you to make sure you are staying on track. If you hire a wedding planner and never hear from them. Think again! 

They will tell you what to expect from other wedding vendors.

No matter if you are looking for vendors or working with ones you've already booked. A good wedding planner should be able to help you navigate what to expect from each of them. If you have questions or concerns with any wedding vendor your planner should know how to handle approach each situation. They will understand the market values and trends and be able to work with you to find or coordinate with each of them. If your wedding planner is not your biggest advocate, find someone who is!

Image by: Brooke Pavel

Image by: Brooke Pavel

They will work well with anyone. 

A good wedding planner will always carry themselves with poise. They will first off always respect your wishes, but will easily work well with everyone else involved in your wedding. Including, your one uncle, yeah you know the one. They understand that during this wedding event there are a lot of moving parts, wonderful people, and so many things to get done. They will know how to get the job done and respect the professionalism of each vendor and all your loved ones. If your planner is not getting along with others, I would take this as warning and run! 

What you are FORGETTING to Ask Your Wedding Photographer?

Alright, so you're engaged looking for a photographer to capture your newly announced love, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. You need this person to stand by you on the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And, besides that, they need to be able to capture every moment on that day so you can relive it day after day,  until forever...

WHOA! THAT'S A BIG DEAL! So what are you forgetting to ask your wedding photographer? We've partnered with one of the best wedding photographers, Brian Davis from Brian Davis Photography. He is not only a talent, but SO experienced and so easy to work with. Take a look at what you're forgetting to ask.. 

 Do their packages fit into your budget?

Price is probably the thing people think about first when selecting a wedding photographer. While it is an important factor,  it’s not the only one to consider. However, you should make sure that your wedding photographer falls within your budget. Sometimes, working with your budget to allow room for investments is one of the most important convsersations to have. With anything, you typically do get what you pay for. As you move up in price, you should notice an increase in not only the QUALITY of work, but also the quality of the EXPERIENCE as well. Do some research, reach out to your wedding planner, seek out review sites that may help you get a better idea of other bride's experiences. The experiences of your wedding day is worth something too. Don't forget to factor that in. But, price does not always tell you everything. Ask questions, get to know the photographer a little and find one who speaks to you. And don't forget, photos are one of the best things you get to take away from your wedding day so remember to consider them an investment.


Does Their Style Fit into your Vision? 

Always look at the wedding photographer’s portfolio and the work they share online. You want to love their style. Take note of specific things you love about their work, is it bright and airy or more natural? Does their editing style stay the same or does it change constantly? Are their shots more posed or candid? Paying attention to their stylistic details will help ensure your satisfaction with your end result.  Each photographer’s editing and shooting style is unique, it is their art. Make sure you allow them to do what they do best and fall in love with what they are already doing. 



Does their Personality Mesh with yours? 

The personality of a wedding photographer is an important (and often overlooked) factor when selecting someone to document your special day. The best way to get to know your vendors, is speak to them. Ask to schedule a call or coffee date. Not only will this help you get to know how well your personalities mesh, but it will also allow them to get to know YOU. Serving you, will be uniquely designed for you. Allow them this privilege so you both can start to trust one another. This trust will be reflected in your images. I mean, who doesn't want their true personality captured fully on this special day?  



What does their package actually include? 

 Wedding collections can be complicated and confusing. Write a list of the top things you ABSOLUTELY want covered and then read through each package. Are the things that matter the most to you included in what they offer?  Are you getting the coverage you want? Are you seeking digital files or prints? If you are going with digital files, do you have printing rights or do you need to continue ordering prints from the photographer and incurring extra expenses? Does your wedding day coverage come with added extras such as engagement sessions, wedding albums, etc.? If nothing lines up, go back to your budget and see if there is room to move things around. Prioritize your photo must-haves and then re-look at the photographer's offerings. Speak with them about what you really want and need and never be afraid to ask for clarification. A conversation goes a long way. 



What kind of Service Should you Expect? 

How do you gauge service before you actually receive it? Service starts with your initial consultation. And there are a few things you can pay attention to from the very start that will give you a great evaluation on what kind of service they provide. Are they responsive in answering your emails quickly? Do they make themselves available to you if you have questions or concerns? If you ask them questions about your wedding day, do they have good, effective ideas to share from their experiences? And finally, are they open to producing the shots you are looking for? A wedding photographer that is not working for you from day one will more than likely not be working for you on the day of your event. Remember, you can always ask your wedding planner for recommendations, and support when meeting and speaking with any wedding vendor. 


Each wedding vendor is unique. Fall in love with that they do best and enjoy this experience! After all, this is the best day of your life!

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Today, the industry is flooded with people working for themselves. Making their own hours, working from home in their pajamas. It sounds AMAZING right?! 

Well, it is. But, there is always more to the story than just fuzzy slippers and your favorite mug every morning. I want to share some of the biggest secrets with you that every successful entrepreneur knows. 

Real Commitment Begins When Things Start to Really Suck! 

Working for yourself is an everyday, every moment commitment to yourself to stick with it. Most times, there is no one around to motivate you when the light at the end of the tunnel is disappearing. We get up, set our schedule, and do. Even when there is no immediate reward. There is no easy way around this. You have to make up your mind and STICK TO IT. 

Consistency = Influence 

Anyone can start. Most people will even try for a while. But, being consistence with the little things; the everyday things. That is when you've got something. The struggle is inevitable. The pain is inevitable and the DOUBT IS ABSOLUTELY INEVITABLE. But, when you choose to be consistent, in time, you will reap what you have sown. And boy, that is when it all becomes worth it. 

Seth & Rachel Wedding422.jpg


Wish You were better

There will be moments of doubt. But, never has any  successful entrepreneur wished it was easier. When things get easier you stop growing. If you're not getting better, your business is not either. Never wish it was easier. Only wish YOU were better. When you grow you open opportunities for advancements, ideas and influence. You just never know where it may take you! 

They never lose 

Any successful person, especially entrepreneurs, never lose. They either win OR THEY LEARN. Each set back to them is praised. They take moments of struggle, opposition, and conflict to reflect. They use those moments to grow and create something new. Nothing is wasted. And honestly, those moments are usually the favorites. They become irreplaceable moments in time that leave a brand on us that will forever define who we are becoming. Entrepreneurs never lose. 


Results require effort. Period. There is not a single professional athlete who has not put in more effort than most can even dream of. They know that without physical excellence there is no mental excellence. And without an excellent mind, there really is no competition. As an entrepreneur they understand this basic and very simple principle. This simple act of consistent repetition cultivates HUGE results. 


When you blame others you are just wasting time which in return delays your growth. When you blame others it simply makes you stuck. Successful entrepreneurs know how to forgive and move on. They don't allow anyone or anything to keep them in the same place or take them backwards. Sometimes, that means moving on without someone or without a resolution. They forgive. They don't place blame. They above all endure. 

Dane & Maddie_404.jpg

They Set Boundaries 

The final point is one of the most important. Every single time you get serious about making a change you set boundaries. Most entrepreneurs find that especially in the beginning of their business they spent days, weeks, and nights justifying their decisions to those around them and unfortunately, most stop there.

But, when you get serious about living out your purpose you get serious about setting boundaries.

When you set boundaries with those who are a negative influence you start to dismiss unnecessary hurdles. You create a new growth and in return attracts a new tribe. Those who don't come with don't deserve where you're headed. Let them go. 

Photo Credit : Val Marlene


We have some exciting news here at Mostly Becky.



Well, friends. There is. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 5.18.40 PM (1).png

We have relocated seasonally to the Naples, Florida area! We have planned events in Florida for the past two years, but have been so excited to finally reach this goal. I graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL and grew up spending the winters in Naples, FL since before I can remember. Florida has always been my second home. 

Now, we could not be more excited to call Naples, FL home for part of the year! We hope the beaches, palm trees, and beauty of this area of the country inspire you as much as they do us. 

Stay tuned as we explore this city and all it has to offer. Plus, we may take this event thing to the beach! 

If you could relocate to anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Casey & Chris

Casey is an old friend of mine. She and I lived together in Florida after college. She is one of the strongest and kindest people I've ever known. She and I had moved away and life seemed to just be going. Then one day, she called "I've met someone." 


Chris and Casey met online. They immediately shared a connection that Casey had never described to me before. '"He loves everything about me." 


I did get the pleasure to be apart of their event both behind the scenes and in front. Casey had originally just asked that I be apart of her wedding day as a bridesmaid. She wanted a simple, family oriented day with just a few loved ones around her. But, after planning out every detail, she had found out that friends who had committed to helping her on the big day dropped the ball. There were tears streaming down her face as she and I sat outside her bachelorette dinner. "What am I going to do?" 

The wedding planner in me set a plan in motion. I asked if she minded that I step up and ensure her day was exactly what she had planned. Right there, we created a plan and a timeline. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like thinking all the hard work you have been planning for may not even happen. 

Well, of course the day was beautiful and smooth! We loved the simplicity of their special day. Because it was filled with just so many answered prayers, tears, and laughter. This day really was her dream come true. 

Take a look at the beautiful Orlando, Florida outdoor wedding. 


Images By: The Way We Were Photography 

Design and Planning By: Mostly Becky Weddings & Events

"Becky is one of my dearest friends! I asked her to be a bridesmaid and she was so much more than that!! She jumped right in and went right into full planner mode when I needed her in an unforeseen circumstance. Everything turned out more beautiful than I could've imagined it! She saw my vision and ran with it in less than a 24 hour notice! Girls with upcoming weddings--you NEED Becky!" - Casey

Introducing Wedding Wednesday

Cover photo 2 a.jpg

Recently, on Instagram I have been asking you what you wanted to see more of and TODAY we couldn't be more proud introduce to you Wedding Wednesdays. You have expressed wanting to see more wedding inspiration from us and we couldn't be happier to share what inspires us, what inspires others, and beautiful trends in the wedding industry. 

We are happily introducing Wedding Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we will feature some wedding inspiration from some of the best wedding industry professionals around the globe. 

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