Madelyn & Dane

It is always such a pleasure to reveal my beautiful couples to you all... and each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. They are all so unique, and along the planning process I am so blessed to get to know them just a little bit. 

Dane & Maddie_101.jpg

This January, I had the absolute pleasure to plan Madelyn & Dane's wedding. And when I say absolute pleasure, it is entirely understated! The first time I met Madelyn & Dane they were just dating. Madelyn loves people and this radiates off of her and lightens up an entire room. And then Dane enters with this solid, genuine, security. His love for the Lord not only brings stability to a room. It almost calms you. 

Dane & Maddie_186.jpg

Now besides both of their genuine love for our Lord, they are two of the silliest - care-free persons I have ever met. I cannot begin to describe just how blessed I have been to be a glimse in their special day. 

Dane & Maddie_343.jpg

My heart is happy. And I just so excited to see where God takes them both. 


Blessings to you sweet couple. 



Special thanks to Expressions Photography

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