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Plan your dream wedding for less than $10,000

Did you think it was possible to plan a Pinterest-worthy wedding for LESS THAN $10,000? 

There are so many places when planning your wedding that can save you tons of money to make sure no matter what budget you have, you can stick to it! AND still have that Pinterest -worthy event. 

Where you get married makes a lot of difference on how much you spend. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce that price! 

Venues and Locations

 Our bride got married in her parents backyard! Photo by  Maria Glassford Photography

Our bride got married in her parents backyard! Photo by Maria Glassford Photography

Look into the option of a public park for a ceremony. A lot of parks will allow you to use the space for a small price and typically have very beautiful settings! Want to save even more, get married on a weekday or in the "off season." Dependent on your climate, there will be an in-season rate for most spaces due to the demand. Check your schedules and if an "off-season" wedding date works for you do it! 


There are lots of sites that will create templates for beautiful invites, RSVP cards and thank you's. If you want to save a little money look into a template and make a few changes to make it unique to you. These sites usually have great rates on printing as well! If you do have talented friends who can create a unique design for you. Just simply upload the file and print! These options come with paper options so you can really create something nice, for a great price! Check out Vista Print, Minted, Basic InviteEtsy or even Wal-Mart

Wedding Dress

 Our bride got her dress at a sample sale! And she didn't even need it altered! Photo by  Brooke Pavel Photography

Our bride got her dress at a sample sale! And she didn't even need it altered! Photo by Brooke Pavel Photography

Sample sales! Did you know that boutique wedding dress shops have sample sales ALL THE TIME! They will carry sizes 10-12 in store and these can be altered! These dresses, have been tried on, but NEVER WORN! These sample sales allow bridal gown stores to clear and update inventory, and they have to do this often. So, make sure to check them out! And you can always buy off the rack at places like David's Bridal or a local consignment store.

Did you know that most wedding dress consignment outlets usually have more BRAND NEW DRESSES than used?

So, don't write them off quite yet. 

DIY Florals

Okay, so there are so many options with flowers, how do you actually do it yourself? We recently had a bride have all her neighbors, aunts, & grandma's grow potted plants in certain pots and in certain colors. She only ordered bouquets for her bridal party for the wedding day. She used the potted plants for all the filler decorations including everything at her ceremony. Flowers are so beautiful, but usually get thrown away or donated after just a few short hours of enjoyment. Choosing to make a few changes with the flowers, you can save lots of money. AND after the event let your guests take them home! It's great for the environment and provides a party favor at NO EXTRA COST! 

 All of these flowers were planted by the bride's mom or grown in her garden! Photo by  Val Marlene

All of these flowers were planted by the bride's mom or grown in her garden! Photo by Val Marlene

Wedding Favors 

 Our bride offered her guest a traditional  Italian Cooke Table  Photo by  Brian Davis Photography

Our bride offered her guest a traditional Italian Cooke Table Photo by Brian Davis Photography

Our advice..SKIP IT! As a wedding planner, we box up more unused party favors at the end of events than ANYTHING ELSE! Although, you want to thank your guests for coming to celebrate with you. Wedding favors are not as appreciated by your guests as you may think. But, if must give something to them. Make it editable. People love food and they will eat any treat you leave for them. But, if it doesn't look like it's going to fit in your budget, scratch it! 

Wedding Desserts 

 Did you know this wedding cheesecake is from Sam's Club? Photo by  Val Marlene

Did you know this wedding cheesecake is from Sam's Club? Photo by Val Marlene

Years ago, wedding cake was the only thing served at a wedding reception. So, many couples chose to create an elaborate cake to share with family and friends in celebration. But, now most events will feed guests, cocktail hors d'oeuvres and dinner. Wedding cakes can be expensive. So, look into other goodies! Serve donuts, or frozen cheesecake from your local grocery store. These are plenty of desserts that taste incredible and no one will ever know how much you saved! 

And as always, ask your wedding planner. They can always help you navigate what is really important to invest in on this special day. 










MISTAKES brides make when planning an OUTDOOR WEDDING

Did you know that I have planned more OUTDOOR WEDDINGS than indoor? YES, it is true! If we know one thing around here it is outdoor weddings are so wonderful. BUT, they do require you think about a few details differently.  


Don't be THIS bride! 


Think about the terrain of your outdoor location, will you have to walk a lot? Is your aisle long? Can your shoes withstand the rain? What about comfort? We always recommend wedges for an outdoor venue, or maybe something with a block heel. But, there are so many heel protectors you can get to stilettos to help balance you on any terrain. We also suggest packing a second pair for your reception. We don't want you to miss out on the dance floor! 

Back up plan


Yes, obvious... But, what happens when it really does rain on your parade? Work with your wedding planner to have a solid plan in case of rain. Make sure to have a "call time" for making that last minute decision. Although, the weather is not always predictable, there is a lot that goes into getting a space ready for hundreds of people. So, make sure a decision is made in time that the change of plans can be executed with the least amount of disruption to your guests. And remember, things may not be exactly how you envisioned them, but at least you are dry! Tents are a nice option to have with any outdoor event. This can help with the protection of vendor's electrical equipment, you can also create a great staging area if the tent is not needed to keep guests dry. 

ADA Compliance

 Photo By:  Melody Jo

Photo By: Melody Jo

Typically, any location you have your wedding event at will have buildings and spaces that have taken care of ADA compliance already. But, with an outdoor space ADA compliance may be something to consider. Where can guests park? Who may need some extra assistance? Is there room for them to wheel in a wheel chair or walk with a walker if needed? If they are walking down the aisle, is it wide enough for them to pass? When dinner is outside, is there enough space between chairs and tables for them to maneuver? Your wedding planner should be asking if you have any guests coming who may need extra assistance. But, if they don't make sure to bring it up to them. A plan can be put in place to get them to all events comfortably! 


Not, all venues are created equal. There are so many beautiful spaces to discover to have your dream wedding at. But, when a space is not solely an event venue there can be a few more things to think through. Does your outdoor location have lights? If not, are you allowed to bring them in? Where will their power source be? If generators are needed, have you considered how noisy they can be? Will they be covered in case of inclement weather? Do you have extension cords to reach all the locations you plan to utilize? Ask these questions early on. Figure out a plan with your wedding planner, and make sure you have someone in charge of these details so when vendors arrive they can be pointed in the right direction for use. 


 Photo by:  Val Marlene

Photo by: Val Marlene

Where will your guests go to the restroom? Is there a location on site? Is it easy for your guests to find? If you plan to have an evening wedding, we would suggest not only posting signs for guests awareness of the restroom, but also have it lit appropriately. If guests cannot see it, it can be really frustrating for them. And let's be honest, a restroom is required. 



Most outdoor events revert to disposable dishware. Unless, your catering company is providing dishware that they will also clean up, disposable dishware is a great choice, especially when it comes to clean up! Keep in mind, catering companies will usually only take care of items they provide to you. So, if you work with an outside rental company to provide dishes and glassware, the catering company will not collect, clean, or haul away dirty dishes. That is a big job after a very long day. So consider disposable, and where guests will place it. Do you have visible trash cans? You will want to ensure that your guests can see where to dispose of trash and recycling. If not, you will find it everywhere on the property and will have to spend time cleaning up something that could have been avoided. 



Ryan & Jo Story City, Iowa

We've said it before and we'll say it again. When you take something you love, teach it to others- empowering them to spread their wings. The BEST THING in this life, is seeing them fly! How many are with me? I am so honored to have the BEST team on earth. Although, I am bias, I'm not wrong. My planning team blows me away with their attention to detail. Their unwavering customer service, and dedication to loving EVERY SINGLE PERSON THEY MEET. If there is an example of how Mostly Becky strives to serve others, take a look at my wedding planners.

They teach me something everyday. 

So it is with GREAT HONOR to introduce another blog by our very own, Elizabeth. She planned this event of 270 ON HER OWN, Executed flawlessly, and trained up a team of assistants. Being proud is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Elizabeth is not one to take charge, being the youngest of 4. She tends to hide in the background. But, times have changed! Congrats to you Elizabeth, we are excited to watch you fly! 

Remember her here

By Elizabeth Thomas 

Ryan & Johanna Jolivette


outdoor wedding lace wedding dress.jpg

Meaningful and sentimental; those are the two words that kept coming to mind as the wedding plans and day unfolded for Johanna and Ryan in rural Iowa. 


Let’s start with the venue; Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. On the surface, this quaint camp, snuggled next to the river is the perfect place for a day of celebration with loved ones. The rustic A-frame chapel with massive amounts of natural light to the beautiful old oak trees all around camp make the whole scene feel beautiful and cozy. For the couple, however, Riverside Bible Camp meant so much more.

It was the first place they met while playing soccer as campers.

Camp was the place they both grew closer to Jesus through time set aside at camp to meeting people who encouraged and challenged them in their faith. Not only was camp beautiful, but it was infused with memories from every step of their relationship. The sentiment did not end their either.



The main meal was catered by a family friend from the bride’s hometown. Florals and baked goods were all done with local vendors.This was one of my favorite parts of the day. All the vendors this day brought a relaxed hometown feel to all they did. Their attention to detail and genuine care for the couple was evident in the services they provided.

bride and groom pictures.jpg
groomsman blue ties .jpg

Specifically, the photographer, Less Traveled Photography, took the rustic and quaint backgrounds of camp and created beautiful backdrops for the gushing with love couple. Having met the couple at camp as camp counselors, he knew exactly the personalities and desires of the couple. This genuine relationship brought out the vibrant photos the couple will have to remember their special day forever.

sweet bride and groom.jpg
bride and groom portraits.jpg
navy groomsman attire.jpg
bridesmaid dresses short blue.jpg


Early on in the planning, the bride made it evident she wanted to eat a hearty meal with loved ones and dance the night away. The bride and groom were able to keep the traditional aspects such as a father-daughter dance and mother-son dance while also incorporating their families famous polka dance.

bride and groom bridge.jpg


With this being my first solo wedding and a guest list projected of 300, calling in backup and an extra set of professional hands was a must.


bride and groom gazebo pictures.jpg

My assistant Kari for the day, a communications major from the University of Northern Iowa, blew me away. Many people think of being a wedding planner as a glamorous job when actually it is a lot more. From getting a table dropped on her toe early in the day to dealing with worst case scenarios, Kari handled the day with as much grace as an experienced assistant. The day would not have happened as smoothly if it was not for her proactive personality and genuine care for all those she encountered.

bridal party photos.jpg
bride and groom pictures.jpg
groomsman blue attire.jpg
bride and groom photos country.jpg
sparklers wedding send off.jpg

The day was beautiful filled with so much joy! The vendors and guests raved about Elizabeth and all her hard work! We couldn't be more proud to have her on our team. 

Elizabeth was extremely professional, but also extremely friendly. Would recommend her to all of my friends. Elizabeth and the Mostly Becky team were so supportive to not only us, but to our families and friends.

Thanks for an amazing day!
— Ryan


This day would NOT have happened with out these AMAZING Des Moines area vendors who made the magic happen! 


Flowers: Story City Floral

Photographer: Less Traveled Photography

Catering: Hy-Vee

Rentals: Celebrations

Planning: Mostly Becky Weddings