Founder of a penny story Kendall Phillips

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Weddings for pennies!

At Mostly Becky we’re not just wedding planners.

We believe in loving Those who could never repay us.

We believe in giving you a voice not only to be heard, but change lives.

We are Mostly Becky and we plan weddings. Want to join us?

The Penny Story

We had the honor to connect with Kendall and immediately knew we needed to be a part of what the Penny is doing. Kendall opened our eyes and hearts to what a penny can do. Just as pennies are stepped on and stepped over, so are victims of human trafficking. 

The Penny Story collects pennies, makes bracelets (and so MUCH MORE!)

All profits go to helping A21. An organization dedicated to abolishing slavery! Everywhere.

We are so proud to support this amazing movement!

How you ask?

We donate 10% of all our proceeds to The Penny Story.

And proudly wear our Penny Bracelets!