A Penny Story


8 years ago, I stood in my sister's apartment bathroom at Iowa State University and told her something CRAZY! (Yes, we definitely go to the bathroom together). 

I told her, that Mostly Becky was going to help bring awareness to those who have been enslaved by human trafficking.

She asked, "How?"

The truth is I had no idea. Do you ever have an idea like that? You know something is going to happen, but all the details to this epiphany don't seem to matter.

That was me! 

But, want to know the even CRAZIER thing? I wasn't making ANY MONEY with Mostly Becky, yet. 

Actually, we had barely launched our website. So, I told my sister standing in the bathroom that day I had NO CLUE how I was going to make that happen, but one day, this company (that felt like a fake company) was going to make a BIG difference. 

As time went on, I would search for organizations that seemed to support and do great things for those enslaved in sex trafficking. 

I would read about it, go to conferences and listen to how important it was bring awareness. 

BUT, EVERY TIME I WANTED TO TAKE ACTION. I knew it wasn't right. 

Now, I sound even crazier right? 

Well, I did nothing. In the meantime. Mostly Becky continued to grow and we started making money! (Yes, finally, we were KINDA a real business). 

Fast-forward to 2014. I was back visiting my alma mater and I sat in the coffee shop with an old friend. She looked over at me and said, "See that over there? The picture of a penny made of a tons of real pennies?" 

It was hanging on the wall right above the trash can. It was gorgeous. She continued, "Kendall started something pretty cool called The Penny Story." She collects pennies then makes bracelets and sells them. They're really cute! But, want to know what is ever cooler? All the proceeds go to help  bring awareness to sex trafficking!" 


I immediately looked her up on Instagram, which led me to her website. 

That moment, I knew that THIS WAS IT! 

In 2018, I reached out to Kendall asking her if she had time to speak with me. This moment, was one that actually scared me. And I don’t scare easily. I wish I could tell you exactly why I was so afraid of this moment. Maybe, I felt ashamed that it has taken me so long to get to this place. Or maybe I was afraid of big of a blessing this could turn into. I wasn’t sure I was ready to face either.

But, Kendall received my request with so much grace. We set up a time to chat over the phone. And a few moments after speaking with her, I quickly realized that this was EXACTLY what I had been waiting for. And little did I know.

Mostly Becky was EXACTLY what she had been waiting for.

We created a plan, and in 2018 Mostly Becky Weddings & Events joined The Penny Story. We proudly donate 10% of our proceeds to this amazing movement.

And for Christmas this year the Mostly Becky team got their very own Penny Bracelets!


Well, we wanted to give YOU the opportunity to help someone who cannot repay you.

Won’t you join us?

You can read more about The Penny Story, their amazing founder, and what the Penny is doing all across the world here.

We’re praying for you friend! Thank you for sharing in this with us!


Southern Bride Magazine

We’ve been published!

Southern Bride Magazine published one of our beautiful couples in Fort Myers, Florida!

Check it out here!


We cannot get enough of this beautiful space, the newly open La Casa Toscana!

Have you checked it out? Stay tuned we have exciting news coming up!!

How to Handle a "MaidZilla"

Last weekend, we were interviewed by Wedding Wire!!

They asked us to help them help you on how to handle a “MaidZilla!”

So you know, when your friends love you JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH…

Yeah, I mean we all want friends who will have our back no matter what! But, on the big day, how do you handle a tense situation?

We’re sharing our thoughts and ideas here, you DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

The Average Cost of a 2017 Wedding

Photo by:  Hunter Ryan Photo


Friends, let’s be honest! Does anyone really know how much a wedding costs? I mean, how could you? You’ve never done it before right? Or it was so long ago you can’t remember?

Well, we have joined with The Knot to bring you some pricing knowledge about the big scary word, BUDGET.

We hope that this information will help guide you to the national average price of a wedding, to educate you so when sifting through all the vendors and contracts during your planning process, you can have peace of mind that what you are paying is actually what you SHOULD BE PAYING.

And before, we go any further. One of the most important things you can do for your planning process is…


The knot has a great tool to help you get started.

And the second most important thing you can do is…

List what is most important to you.

What part of your wedding are you NOT willing to cut back on.?Then know everything else, may have to compromise to ensure your budget it kept.

Below is the AVERAGE price of wedding vendors for 2017.

Sourced from theknot.com

TOTALING $43,162

Does this match with what you’re finding? If not, remember, you can allocate different amounts to categories that YOU THINK are a priority. And of course, your wedding planner is a great resource to help you digest all of this.

For more wedding planning tips…

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