You don't want to FORGET to ask Your Wedding Planner this!

Booking is the easy part. You've found wedding vendors you love, planning bliss has begun. But... what happens when you forget to ask the right questions? Seriously, don't worry WE'VE GOT YOU! Here are questions you don't want to forget to ask your wedding planner. 

Should you have a grand exit from your reception?

Yes! If possible, what a fun way to end the best day of your life! There may be some regulations on some properties that will limit what your guests are allowed to toss or let go. But, if no laws are being broken, and we aren't hurting any animals GO FOR IT!  We love a grand exit. Some of our favorite have been lighting and letting go of Chinese lanterns, lighting sparklers while creating a tunnel for the couple to exit through, and bubbles if you leave when there is still some daylight. Make it your own, have fun, but be safe! 

Photo by  Val Marlene

Photo by Val Marlene

Do I tip my vendors? Including my wedding planner?

What most don't realize is that tipping is definitely something that is overlooked at a wedding. Just like if you ordered dinner at a restaurant you would tip your bartender, servers etc. But, because of the hustle and bustle of a wedding day tipping seems to go unnoticed.  Typically, those who are working your wedding are working harder on that day than if they were working at a weekly gig. Whether, your DJ plays at a venue every Friday night, no doubt they are getting tips from their services for a party that is much easier on them then your wedding day. Every vendor involved in your big day is there to serve you! And is definitely, NOT expecting a tip. But, they of course appreciate a thank you for a job well done! If you received great service, let them know!  They understand how important this day is to you and if they delivered, tell them! 

What happens if someone brings an uninvited guest? 

When planning your event, we always encourage you to plan for the unexpected. As a general rule, plan that only 80% of your invited guests will actually show up. But, there will always be those who bring an uninvited plus one or someone who shoes up but forgets to RSVP. When planning your seating chart or your ceremony layout, always plan for an additional 15% of your RSVP's to attend. There is nothing worse than not having enough seats for guests! Your venue and wedding planner should be able to guide you to the number of chairs to ensure no one is without a seat. 

Photo by  Alexander Michl

Which side of the aisle do the bride's guest sit on?

Traditionally, the bride is on the left. But, not everyone wants tradition! If you are looking at the alter the bridesmaid should be standing on the left and the bride's family should be seated on the left-side of the aisle. Many couples prefer to not have a "bride's sides" when seating guests at the ceremony. So just make sure to inform your ushers that unless they are family sitting in reserved seating, guests can sit on either side of the aisle. And if your ceremony is outdoors, there is even less reason to have guests be on a certain side of the aisle. But, no matter what, remember it is your wedding day! You can do whatever you want! 

Photo by  Val Marlene

Photo by Val Marlene


Yes, this is so helpful and thoughtful.You have to be careful to not use cryptic wording such as "dress fancy" so keep it more specific. Use words like "black tie" or "resort dressy." I would never be afraid to google the real terminology for dress codes. Or as always, ask your wedding planner!  The time of your event, the location, season all do factor into your dress code. So seek out help to determine what you want for all your event specifics! 

Do we need a receiving line at an outdoor ceremony? 

A receiving line is such a nice touch to any event it allows you as the couple to personally thank and talk to every guest! But, this takes time! AND LOTS OF IT! So if thanking each guest is important to you, build it into your timeline. But, if you are more concerned with dancing and mingling casually with your guests during the reception there are other times during the event that allow you to keep things moving all the while still thanking them for attending!  If you do want to have a receiving line after your outdoor ceremony, you will probably have to have the officiate make an announcement. Traditionally, a church ceremony only allows guests to exit one way which then naturally creates a need for dismissal. But, with an outdoor ceremony typically there is more options for guests to disperse after the ceremony has ended. This can create a quick move from ceremony to the next event which is great if your appetizers are hot and cocktails are ready! Remember, that for an event with about 200 guests a receiving line will take up to 45 minutes so build that into your timeline. And make sure to have the officiate announce each row will be dismissed so you don't have scattered guests. But, it is always best to take the time to schedule things that are most important to you! Remember, it is your BIG DAY. Make it unique!