Matt & Kelsey Downtown Marriott- Des Moines, Iowa

Weddings crashers are real!

Seriously, have you guys ever experienced them? Maybe not like Vince Vaughn, but real wedding crashers? In our 10 years, we have had 2 scenarios. ..that we know of!


Kelsey & Matt celebrated in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The Downtown Marriott hosted their event, and we had SO much fun! Kelsey & Matt are one of those couples, that after you meet them, you’re like… dang… I wish we were friends!


Serious! You know those kinds of people? The ones that are out doing things, enjoying life, adventuring together. These two nailed it.


After Kelsey called me we later found out that we had mutual friends. Needless to say, I was pumped! The chances of us becoming ACTUAL friends was getting closer and closer.


Kelsey & Matt were married in August at Capitol Hill Lutheran Church in Des Moines. The reception was held at Downtown Marriott.


But, I guess I wasn’t the only who could feel this amazing couples energy! We had a WEDDING CRASHER during their dance.

I mean, I don’t blame them!

Flocka Flocka  showed up!

Flocka Flocka showed up!

Kelsey & Matt had a beautiful fun day in Des Moines. We were honored to be a part of it!


Ceremony Venue Capital Hill Lutheran Church

Reception Venue Downtown Marriott

Photographer Aly Caroll Photography

Floral Shelly Sarver Designs

Wedding Cake Loritas

Catering Downtown Marriott

Wedding Dress Schaffer

Wedding Planning Mostly Becky Weddings


Kari- Des Moines Wedding Assistant

We are just the luckiest! When Kari joined the team, we became one of the best wedding planning teams there is! Kari has been one of our alternative assistants for 2 years! 

She has helped myself and both of Mostly Becky's associate planners- Elizabeth & Heather

Photo By  Less Traveled Photography  Look at her here...working our Assoc. Colorado Planner's Wedding!! <3

Photo By Less Traveled Photography Look at her here...working our Assoc. Colorado Planner's Wedding!! <3

She is one of the hardest workers we have ever seen!


Kari and her sweet hubby!&nbsp;

Kari and her sweet hubby! 

Kari, sometimes known as Karl (Her hubby calls her this)! loves cheesy potatoes! If she had to pick, purple is her favorite color. And she loves lions! Big secret...


Kari loves to travel to Northern Minnesota & Arizona! Now, this is the reason she fits so well here! We started planning weddings in Northern Minnesota at Lutsen Resort! The North Shore has just a special place in our hearts! It's our home! <3 

Kari and her hubby on an adventure in AZ!

Kari and her hubby on an adventure in AZ!

She loves to shop at Dry Goods while sipping on a Carmel Latte from Starbucks carrying her Noonday Collection purse. See her favorite one here! 

If Karl ;) isn't working with Mostly Becky or looking for a lion to pet, she will be outdoors!

She loves adventure! - A girl after our own hearts!

I mean, isn't she the cutest?

I mean, isn't she the cutest?

She says, her dream wedding inspiration is here at Mostly Becky. And, well we don't even know what to say now.... 

We just adore this girl here, and consider ourselves to have the best team ever, now that she has joined us! I mean look, this is a sweet note she just left us... (excuse me while I go dry my tears)!

Working for Moslty Becky and her company has been such a pleasure! She is a hard worker, enjoys what she does, makes her clients happy and gets the job done. I have appreciated being influenced by her and her knowledge. I hope to continue to work with her. She is for sure my number one pick in sharing with people who are in need of a wedding planner. 
— Kari
Here we are working a Des Moines Wedding!&nbsp;

Here we are working a Des Moines Wedding! 

Don't forget to follow her on Instagram & Facebook so you can see all the amazing things her and her hunny are up to! 

Kari and Andrew on their wedding day! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3&nbsp;

Kari and Andrew on their wedding day! <3 <3 <3 


Thanks Kari for being here! We wouldn't be us without you! 





Leah- Des Moines Wedding Assistant

We have more amazing news to share with you!!! Leah has joined the Mostly Becky family in Des Moines and we are pumped! 


This year we have been so blessed to be able to grow our team here in Des Moines. After many interviews, we knew Leah was in the running right away. Her eloquent demeanor and inquisitive questions, we knew she was a very bright girl. Her upbeat personality, sweet words, and eagerness to learn solidified our impression of her. She was lovely from the first second. But, that isn't all. We knew she was family oriented, a hard worker, and eager to learn! (Gosh, we do love that!) 

Leah or more commonly known as, Nook Nook. (I mean how cute is that?!) <3 Teaches dance and her dance students call her this, so you can too. ;)


She loves Mac n' cheese, pizza and Pitbulls. If she could eat anywhere in Des Moines she would pick Blaze for pizza and Jethros for mac n' cheese. But, she eats more than comfort food! She loves cantaloupe and strawberries, too! 


She loves to travel!! - I mean, of course she does! Her favorite place to travel is NASHVILLE! - YES!!! We love Nash, and Denver, and NYC... well, you get it. She is a perfect fit for us! 

She shops at Target - <3 Hobby Lobby <3 - Rue 21 <3 - Dry Goods

If you find her at Starbucks, she'll be drinking a strawberry drink. I mean, she does love strawberries so... her current favorite Strawberry Acai Refresher. 



She loves Michael Kors purses. - (we think that is a great choice!) We cannot go a day without our purses, but Leah cannot go without mascara and perfume. - Staples if you ask us! ;)

We are just so happy to have this sweet spirit on our team. Keep up with her on Facebook & Instagram


Welcome to the team Leah! We are just so happy you are here.

Bailey- Des Moines Wedding Assistant

We cannot believe that summer is almost here! Where has 2018 gone? What we love most about planning weddings and events are the people we get to meet along the way. Whether it is our clients and their families, vendors we work alongside, or the best wedding assistants around! We know WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! And finding the right team is what makes this crazy thing possible. We are so thrilled to introduce to you our newest Des Moines Wedding Assistant! 


DesMoines- Iowa- Wedding- Assistant.JPG

B, Bai, or Bailey. She'll answer to all. Is (at least we think) our shopping twin! She loves to shop at  Target, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21! - We basically live there! What we love most about Bailey is her persistence and creativity. When we first opened a position in the Des Moines area for a wedding assistant this 2018 season, we knew we needed a go-getter! With all the travel and busy events we take on having a face in Des Moines that represents our brand, our clients, and most of all the love and attention our Iowa clients need from us. I was looking for a special person. I spoke to Bailey over the phone and heard all about her current event experiences. She worked at a venue that encompassed so many aspects of the industry, I knew her base knowledge would benefit us greatly. And she is nothing short of this! 

Bailey loves Mexican food. Um, yes! Bring on the queso! Isn't that the entire reason to go out for Mexican food? She loves to travel, so of course we loved her! Her favorite places to travel are Charleston, SC and Northern California. She draws inspiration from autumn. So, her dream wedding is an outdoor fall wedding (October is the best). She would use organic colors of the season incorporating leaves, pumpkins, apples and dark green grass. Even though it may never be her pet, her favorite animal is a baby kangaroo. She loves rose pink and pale yellow. And drinks Venti Mango Black Tea Lemonade with light ice at Starbucks. (Now that's a true Starbucks order)! She loves the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and has watched it through 5 times! 

Did you know, I own all seasons (this was before Netflix) and have watched it through multiple times too! See, we told you she was a perfect fit for us! 


Her favorite handbag is Michael Kors. - She JUST bought her first one. AHH! I do remember the day I bought my first designer handbag. It was day, I''ll never forget. Now, I cannot go back. Designer bags are my weakness. And Bailey cannot go without watching beauty videos on YouTube.

Did you know she has her own channel?? CHECK IT OUT! 


We couldn't be more blessed to have Bailey on our team! Check out her on social media! 




And make sure you're following us to see all the beautiful events we work on together!