Bess- Florida Wedding Assistant

Now that La Casa Toscana is open for business we needed more help around here!

Oh wait did you miss it?


Yes, it is a new venue here in Fort Myers, Florida. This private estate hosted 3 weddings, and now is open to the public. We are so honored to be the exclusive planners for the home owners! What exciting news!

But, our news DOES NOT STOP there. We are so pleased to introduce to you our newest WEDDING ASSISTANT, BESS.


Bess is one of our Florida wedding assistants. She was born and raised in SWFL. And we are so excited to have her.

Bess, but those who know her well call her Bessie can be found hanging out with cows, her favorite animal. Or any agriculture, really. She is very involved in 4H and does amazing things here in Florida. She is driven!

One of the most wonderful qualities we noticed about her the first time we met her was her punctuality. She was and has always been early.


Bess dreams of traveling, anywhere really. She does not care, as long as she is going somewhere. Her dream wedding is simple, but filled with dancing surrounded by people she loves. If you ask, her favorite Starbucks drink is a Green Tea Frappucino. But, you’ll probably find her loading up her backpack for her next adventure.


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