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Our styled shoot was put together by some of the most talented friendors around. We love our network and community in Des Moines, Iowa. 

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Bailey- Des Moines Wedding Assistant

We cannot believe that summer is almost here! Where has 2018 gone? What we love most about planning weddings and events are the people we get to meet along the way. Whether it is our clients and their families, vendors we work alongside, or the best wedding assistants around! We know WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! And finding the right team is what makes this crazy thing possible. We are so thrilled to introduce to you our newest Des Moines Wedding Assistant! 


DesMoines- Iowa- Wedding- Assistant.JPG

B, Bai, or Bailey. She'll answer to all. Is (at least we think) our shopping twin! She loves to shop at  Target, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21! - We basically live there! What we love most about Bailey is her persistence and creativity. When we first opened a position in the Des Moines area for a wedding assistant this 2018 season, we knew we needed a go-getter! With all the travel and busy events we take on having a face in Des Moines that represents our brand, our clients, and most of all the love and attention our Iowa clients need from us. I was looking for a special person. I spoke to Bailey over the phone and heard all about her current event experiences. She worked at a venue that encompassed so many aspects of the industry, I knew her base knowledge would benefit us greatly. And she is nothing short of this! 

Bailey loves Mexican food. Um, yes! Bring on the queso! Isn't that the entire reason to go out for Mexican food? She loves to travel, so of course we loved her! Her favorite places to travel are Charleston, SC and Northern California. She draws inspiration from autumn. So, her dream wedding is an outdoor fall wedding (October is the best). She would use organic colors of the season incorporating leaves, pumpkins, apples and dark green grass. Even though it may never be her pet, her favorite animal is a baby kangaroo. She loves rose pink and pale yellow. And drinks Venti Mango Black Tea Lemonade with light ice at Starbucks. (Now that's a true Starbucks order)! She loves the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and has watched it through 5 times! 

Did you know, I own all seasons (this was before Netflix) and have watched it through multiple times too! See, we told you she was a perfect fit for us! 


Her favorite handbag is Michael Kors. - She JUST bought her first one. AHH! I do remember the day I bought my first designer handbag. It was day, I''ll never forget. Now, I cannot go back. Designer bags are my weakness. And Bailey cannot go without watching beauty videos on YouTube.

Did you know she has her own channel?? CHECK IT OUT! 


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Introducing Wedding Wednesday

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Recently, on Instagram I have been asking you what you wanted to see more of and TODAY we couldn't be more proud introduce to you Wedding Wednesdays. You have expressed wanting to see more wedding inspiration from us and we couldn't be happier to share what inspires us, what inspires others, and beautiful trends in the wedding industry. 

We are happily introducing Wedding Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we will feature some wedding inspiration from some of the best wedding industry professionals around the globe. 

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