What you are FORGETTING to Ask Your Wedding Photographer?

Alright, so you're engaged looking for a photographer to capture your newly announced love, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. You need this person to stand by you on the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And, besides that, they need to be able to capture every moment on that day so you can relive it day after day,  until forever...

WHOA! THAT'S A BIG DEAL! So what are you forgetting to ask your wedding photographer? We've partnered with one of the best wedding photographers, Brian Davis from Brian Davis Photography. He is not only a talent, but SO experienced and so easy to work with. Take a look at what you're forgetting to ask.. 

 Do their packages fit into your budget?

Price is probably the thing people think about first when selecting a wedding photographer. While it is an important factor,  it’s not the only one to consider. However, you should make sure that your wedding photographer falls within your budget. Sometimes, working with your budget to allow room for investments is one of the most important convsersations to have. With anything, you typically do get what you pay for. As you move up in price, you should notice an increase in not only the QUALITY of work, but also the quality of the EXPERIENCE as well. Do some research, reach out to your wedding planner, seek out review sites that may help you get a better idea of other bride's experiences. The experiences of your wedding day is worth something too. Don't forget to factor that in. But, price does not always tell you everything. Ask questions, get to know the photographer a little and find one who speaks to you. And don't forget, photos are one of the best things you get to take away from your wedding day so remember to consider them an investment.


Does Their Style Fit into your Vision? 

Always look at the wedding photographer’s portfolio and the work they share online. You want to love their style. Take note of specific things you love about their work, is it bright and airy or more natural? Does their editing style stay the same or does it change constantly? Are their shots more posed or candid? Paying attention to their stylistic details will help ensure your satisfaction with your end result.  Each photographer’s editing and shooting style is unique, it is their art. Make sure you allow them to do what they do best and fall in love with what they are already doing. 

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Does their Personality Mesh with yours? 

The personality of a wedding photographer is an important (and often overlooked) factor when selecting someone to document your special day. The best way to get to know your vendors, is speak to them. Ask to schedule a call or coffee date. Not only will this help you get to know how well your personalities mesh, but it will also allow them to get to know YOU. Serving you, will be uniquely designed for you. Allow them this privilege so you both can start to trust one another. This trust will be reflected in your images. I mean, who doesn't want their true personality captured fully on this special day?  



What does their package actually include? 

 Wedding collections can be complicated and confusing. Write a list of the top things you ABSOLUTELY want covered and then read through each package. Are the things that matter the most to you included in what they offer?  Are you getting the coverage you want? Are you seeking digital files or prints? If you are going with digital files, do you have printing rights or do you need to continue ordering prints from the photographer and incurring extra expenses? Does your wedding day coverage come with added extras such as engagement sessions, wedding albums, etc.? If nothing lines up, go back to your budget and see if there is room to move things around. Prioritize your photo must-haves and then re-look at the photographer's offerings. Speak with them about what you really want and need and never be afraid to ask for clarification. A conversation goes a long way. 



What kind of Service Should you Expect? 

How do you gauge service before you actually receive it? Service starts with your initial consultation. And there are a few things you can pay attention to from the very start that will give you a great evaluation on what kind of service they provide. Are they responsive in answering your emails quickly? Do they make themselves available to you if you have questions or concerns? If you ask them questions about your wedding day, do they have good, effective ideas to share from their experiences? And finally, are they open to producing the shots you are looking for? A wedding photographer that is not working for you from day one will more than likely not be working for you on the day of your event. Remember, you can always ask your wedding planner for recommendations, and support when meeting and speaking with any wedding vendor. 


Each wedding vendor is unique. Fall in love with that they do best and enjoy this experience! After all, this is the best day of your life!