Excuses, we use them all the time. Why we can’t be somewhere, why we didn't eat it, why we did not respond. The truth of it is. They are just excuses, not truth. If we told the truth all the time most of us would not be able to handle it. But, my thought…would it is be better for us?

Eventually, wouldn't it make us all a little tougher? Would we all not feel better inside freeing the things we think constantly? We may even get more done, since we would just “cut to the chase.”

In my life, I have found that there is nothing more valuable than truth.

I have 2 little sisters and they both are the most honest people I know. I love taking them shopping because I know I am walking out of any store with just the right item. They NEVER let me leave a dressing room looking fat! And thank goodness! Their honesty can be hard sometimes, it hurts, but every single time I never regretted knowing the truth. I may have hated the way it was presented, but never did I hate the actual truth.

So many times in life, we are ashamed, we are afraid what we have to confess will kill the person on the other end. And it just may. But only for a moment.

The truth is. They want to know, they need to know. It frees you, and sometimes them. Of thinking the worst, or best. It levels the playing field. It makes us humans.

Humans who mess up.

And the truth of the matter is, we all are here. Same level. Not one better than the other. We all mess up, in different ways, and at different times.

And the truth.

We all need a savior.

Just as much as the next person.

The beauty in this truth. Jesus’ love never changes, it never gives up, and it is soo unconditional that is pursues you! Literally chases after you.

And the truth of that is, YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT. YOU can never earn it. And nothing you do will EVER change it.

Now that truth is something to be grateful for.

So, this month as everyone lists their thankful lists, reminds ones they love just how come they do. My heart is pierced to the core. I am a sinner, a really good one, in terrible desperate need of a savior. One who won’t give up on me as much as I give up on myself.

This November, that is what I am grateful for.

My saving grace, Jesus Christ.