The Start

Hey ya’ll! I am so excited you found me! I am just so excited to share today with you. I want to start out and just say how incredibly blessed I am.

Christ told me that after I resigned from my position at a resort as an event coordinator just a few short months ago, that I was to pursue me own venture. This honestly, was the last thing on my mind. I was just excited to be at a place of rest and relaxation, finally. And quite frankly, was enjoying the “I have nothing to do” agenda.  But, God has opened up doors of opportunity that I cannot pass up. He has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream, this company, full-time.

Image by:  Dust Studios

Image by: Dust Studios

How exciting is that?! Every day the Lord brings something, someone, or takes me somewhere that I could not have dreamed of. And just a few short months ago, I would have never dreamt I would be where I am today.

So, as I step out in faith to obey the Lord in this, I pray you are touched by my stories, ventures, experiences, and work. God has given me such an amazing blessing, to do what I love every day. I could not be more grateful!  And remember….never underestimate My Jesus!