Wait, what? Is getting arrested something I should be worried about when planning my wedding? We hope not!  Which is why we are here to help you avoid some of these small ideas that can turn bad quickly! 

Photo by  Val Marlene

Photo by Val Marlene

Drinking and Driving

This is obvious! But, there are small things you can add into your wedding plan that will help not only keep your guests safe, but make navigating through your wedding events a little easier. If you have a multi-location event make sure to reserve transportation for your wedding party. This is not an uncommon practice, plus it is a lot of fun! But, what you may want to consider is do your guests know the best possible way to get home safely? If you can, reserve a block of rooms at a location within walking distance or connected to your reception. This allows guests who maybe don't want to hassle with driving at all the option to stay close by and let loose without thinking about getting home at the end of the night. In the case that staying close by is not an option, look into public transportation, taxi's, and limos. There are so many creative car services these days that can be easy and affordable for anyone. But, because of this it can also be confusing to someone who is NOT familiar with it. Do your research and educate your guests. Post it on your wedding website, add it into your RVSP thank you response. Allowing your guests to have this information ahead of time will be so helpful, especially if your event is a destination! 

Over Serving Guests 

In the past few years brides have become creative with their wedding locations. We have seen less and less all inclusive wedding venues being first choice! If your venue does not provide a bartender who will hold or obtain a liquor licence you may need to do some research on what insurance and liability you are taking on as the event host while serving alcohol. Of course, over serving is never the goal at any event, but it can happen easier when a professional is not monitoring this! Do your research, ask your wedding planner and stay safe! 

Photo by  Brooke Pavel

Photo by Brooke Pavel

Breaking Capacity on Fire Codes

Most venues will hold this responsibility and only allow your headcount to stay within the fire codes. But, this will be an important responsibility for you as the couple to create and stick to your guest list. If you need help crafting your guest list you can always ask your wedding planner for help. But, for a general rule. 80% of invited guests will actually arrive. Think through your guests list, where they are traveling from, and how likely they are to forget to RSVP and bring an uninvited guest. Although, you cannot predict any of these, your wedding planner can help plan for the instances when your guests surprise you! If your venue does not provide this information to you, ASK! 

Lighting Photo Booth Props on Fire

I know this may sound crazy. But, the wedding industry has taught me a lot and the biggest thing it has taught me is never say never. Yes, this instance has actually happened at an event I planned. Photo booths are sometimes the highlight of your guests night and such a great addition to any wedding reception. But, be careful think through where this is located, what props you plan to have available and always take precaution when serving alcohol. Make sure you have entirely read the contract of your venue to see what liability you take on as the paying couple!  And of course! Ask your wedding photographer or planner for tips! 

Breaking Liquor Licensing

This one can be confusing! So make sure to get a professionals help. Most full-service wedding venues will have this license and help guide you through the plan of your reception while staying within these guidelines. But, if your venue is a private space where there may not be straight forward guidelines, ask your wedding planner for help! They should be able to guide you to the right place for insurance and state laws for serving alcohol. Also, make sure if there are guidelines that seems a little out of the ordinary, run them by your wedding planner so they can help enforce them during the event to keep you and your guests safe. Plus, they can help avoid extra fees that may occur if these are broken. No matter how complicated it gets, remember, don't be afraid to ask! 

Image by  Dust Studios

Image by Dust Studios