When I started my wedding planning and project management business over 9 years ago I dreamed of the day when I would travel all over the world, have multiple hubs in most major cities in the U.S. and a team that spread nationwide! Well, friends today is that day! We have officially hired our wedding assistant here in the Richmond, VA area! Gabrielle is the coolest chick! When we met her, she had purple hair! I mean, we love a girl who loves what she loves and doesn't care who knows it! 

Gabrielle is confident, kind, attentive, and responsive. When we spoke on the phone for her initial interview we knew almost immediately that we wanted her on the team! But, due to distance we had to wait a few months to meet in person. When we had the pleasure to meet, she was early, knew exactly what Starbucks drink she wanted and all the those attributes that leaked through the phone were even more present in person. We knew she was meant to be! 

Gabrielle, more commonly known as, Gabby loves rabbits, sushi, the color purple (if you couldn't tell with her current hair color),  and CUTE CLOTHES- I mean who doesn't? Her favorite place to travel to is Florida! Lucky for us, we plan weddings there too! :) If she could have any purse it would be a Kate Spade- Um, great taste!! And she cannot go a day without her friends! 

We are so honored to call her a partner in this crazy business we work in! 

Look at JUST how cute she is!! 

Look at JUST how cute she is!! 


Gabby, welcome to the team! We JUST LOVE that you are here! 

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