A Wedding Surprise in Des Moines, Iowa

One thing I truly do love about my job, is no matter how many weddings I have planned (way too many to count), there is never a single one that is the same. The Wedding Day has become a beautiful opportunity to show your individual uniqueness. 

I am often asked, "What is the craziest wedding you have done?" And it is my pleasure to share with you a little story about 3 beautiful people I got the pleasure of knowing, just a little bit. It may not be the craziest, but is one of the specialist moments I have be lucky enough to be apart of. 

"Hi, I am looking for help planning my reception. Here's the thing, my husband and I are already married and we have a beautiful son. I am really looking for a great party,  with amazing decor and really just a great party! Do you think you can help" And of course I jumped on the opportunity! Events that are out of the ordinary are my specialty! Within a few weeks, I knew this would be an event I would really enjoy planning. 

"Hi Becky, so glad we could talk, well, I have some news....I'm pregnant and I was thinking, I would love to reveal the gender of the baby at the reception, do you think that is something we can pull off?" 

Immediately I started to brainstorm with my lovely bride. Together we came up with a one-of-a-kind gender reveal.....A BALLOON DROP over the dance floor! That was it! How was I going to pull this off? 


The problem, most balloon drops, or should I say ALL balloon drops are transparent! So, after many dead-ends, my amazing assistant and I just made one! I will spare you the grueling details of this process. But, I will tell you this. We got it put together, hung up on the vaulted ceiling, and no balloons were in sight! 

That nigh before the reception, I could hardly sleep. I was so nervous, I had no clue if my balloon drop would be still connected to the ceiling when I arrived in the morning. 


But, to my surprise, it was there! And no colored balloons could be seen. I was ecstatic! After being cornered by many guests who were trying their best to bribe me to spill the secret the time finally came for the gender of the baby to be revealed. 

This moment was priceless, and I was so blessed to be apart of it! 
Thank you Quinn for allowing me into such a beautiful moment in your life! 




It's a girl!!!