How to Handle a "MaidZilla"

Last weekend, we were interviewed by Wedding Wire!!

They asked us to help them help you on how to handle a “MaidZilla!”

So you know, when your friends love you JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH…

Yeah, I mean we all want friends who will have our back no matter what! But, on the big day, how do you handle a tense situation?

We’re sharing our thoughts and ideas here, you DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

Wendi & Matt Omaha, Nebraska

Happy 1st Anniversary! 


Wow! How time flies! This is such an exciting post to share with you! Wendi & Matt were married in August last year in Omaha, Nebraska. Not only was their venue stunning, but their day was one I will never forget. Let me tell you why. 

I met Wendi in 1st grade. Going to a small private elementary school, Wendi and I did pretty much everything together. Beyond the classroom, sports, and all the extracurricular activities. Wendi and I were both farm girls. Little did I know then, but I believe this was one small fact was a big reason why the two of us remained friends even when high school separated us. Wendi and I continued to go to youth group together and in high school is when we bonded in a way that I cannot express. It is not common to find a friend that will stick through every single stage of life a true testament  our mutual faith in Jesus. But, with Wendi I have. A true blessing from the Lord! 

Wendi and I have done everything together since. After 8th grade graduation, we graduated high school the same year. Then community college together, after community college we both moved to Florida to complete our bachelor's degree. I then convinced Wendi to get a double major so we could both graduate with our bachelor's together!  4 milestones of graduations, we shared. Not long after the biggest blessing of all joined our duo. Hayden James. The absolute cutest boy you will ever meet! Hayden was born in September, and is almost 5 years old today! Every second I spend with him is one I cherish. He blesses me in so many ways, I could not be luckier to get the opportunity to love him. But, the Lord knew we weren't done adding to our family. 


I will never forget the day Wendi called me to tell me about her new boyfriend. Her words "Becky, he is different." At that moment, I knew our lives had changed forever. Not long after I got the opportunity to meet Matt, and it was easy to see how they felt about one another. As a best friend, who has been around for EVERY SINGLE BOYFRIEND, it is a precious thing to watch someone you love so deeply fall in love, with the one.

I am so blessed to call her my best friend for 20 years! I never imagined I would get to be apart of her big day in this way. It was so much more than a wedding. It was a true celebration. Welcome to the family Matt! xoxo

There I am with my beautiful sisters!

There I am with my beautiful sisters!


Venue: The Living Room- Omaha, NE

Photographer: Brooke Pavel Photography Des Moines, IA

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