What inspires you?

I love when the small things in life inspire me. A walk in the evening, a phone call from an old friend, an encouraging note left on the coffee pot when you wake up. 

This week I have had the privilege of all of the above happening. And I think it is about time we start focusing on what encourages us, instead of what discourages us.  One is easier than the other, but also very damaging. 

When creating a wedding, I have moments when I feel like there is no creativity left. I come up short every time, my vision is foggy. This is a hard and frustrating time. When this hits, I have started to realize that I need to check myself. Take a step back, and ask the Lord to help me change ME.  Ask him to evaluate where I have been going wrong, admit it, ask for forgiveness, and then switch my focus. 

If we only focus on the negative. All we have is negativity. If we focus on our fear, all we are is frightened. 

We have the choice. To focus on what God is doing today, right in front of us. We can choose to focus on that. And I truly believe that if we DO NOT switch, we will never see the abundant life Christ died on the earth to give us. We will miss out on so many blessings. We will not see promises and dreams fulfilled. 

Every day we stand at the threshold. What will you choose? What will inspire you?