The beauty of the written word.

Being a Journalism & Public Relations major in college, you could say I spent my entire college career  in a word document. Thank goodness for spell check!

I wrote 7-10 papers weekly, on top of my extracurricular activities, of writing and editing for my college newspaper, let’s just say I got a lot of practice learning how to express myself on paper (or on a keyboard!)

When I sit down to write, even now, I find myself able to express myself deeper and more true than if I were to speak, sing, or dance. Writing to me is a way to place everything going on inside of me in order. Label it. Give it a name and call it something. 

I can identify better with myself, if I can figure out actually what is going on.  The beauty of the written word is you can look back on it. Re-read it. Re-pray it, re-feel it. When you look back on things you write down, it can feed our need to accomplish something. We can check it off our list. Give ourselves a gold star.

We need this. As humans, we need to know our worth. And even when we don’t realize we do, we find ourselves out searching for it. Some it is your job, others it is a relationship. But, the truth is God’s written word is  the “something” intended for us to find our worth.  In the Bible,  God pours out his heart to us. Revealing the most intimate details of himself and how he feels about us. He knew that we would need to look back at it over and over again. He knew we would be able to identify better with our human nature if we understood the stories, adventures, and mistakes others before us had made. He knew we would need to re-feel it.

So he wrote it down.  

Just for you.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16