More Than Just a Wedding

On a wedding day there are so many words to describe the emotions flowing. As a wedding planner I am not exempt from this. 

There does come a point, when this is my job and I am there to complete a task not to be too emotionally involved. But, this weekend is different. I am not only the wedding planner. I am the maid-of-honor. My little sister is getting married. 

As you can imagine, the emotional exemptions I usually claim are irrelevant. I am ecstatic to have planned my sister's wedding. Something, both her and I have dreamed about since childhood. But, this journey has been one of the most challenging feats I have yet to accomplish in the 200+ weddings I have tackled over the years. But, with this challenge comes satisfaction. Things are set and I could not be more happy with how they turned out. My sister is very laid back so my creativity freedom was unleashed and I have pulled off one of my most inspired weddings! I cannot wait to share it with you all! 

Pictures & Video to come! 

But, as I sit collecting the last few items before this Saturday. I am at a place of terror. I HAVE TO WRITE A SPEECH! 

I love writing. I love talking. So you ask, what is the problem? 

Well, you try and get up in front of 220 people and talk about your best friend making the 2nd most important (to loving Jesus of course!)  decision of her life. I have to tell people about our relationship, try to explain to these people what she means to me? How we communicate - which is normally without words, and how much I love that fact that she has found a Godly man to share her life with? Um, yea...WAY harder than planning her wedding. 

So in these last few days as everything falls into place. I ask you to think of me. -Sweating sitting in front of my blank computer. A wedding planner scared for a wedding day to come. A wedding planner. Stuck.

Wish me luck!