Love What You Do

Since the birth of Pinterest and the mass of social media outlets in the recent years my life has been bombarded with encouraging words, motivational sayings, beautiful rhymes to live by.  You look everywhere and our homes are decorated with poems, rhymes, and scriptures. Everyone wants to “live simply” “be happy” “be kind.”

But, on the inside are we REALLY feeling this? Do we really want to “never give up” or  believe “doubt is the only failure?” Maybe we do.

We all need encouragement, love, support, our own personal cheerleader at times. We can’t and weren’t  supposed to get through this life without one another. So, please NEVER stop encouraging others. I just wonder sometimes, if the we nail up the new living room décor “Dream Big” plaque and read it a million times, yet never feel as if our dreams can or will come true.

Being defeated is one hard thing.

No one wants to be there. We will do whatever it takes to never be there, and maybe that means never actually getting off the couch and “just do-in it.” Or striving so much that we neglect anything important in our lives, just so we can beat the odds. Become successful, and make a name.

I’m learning no matter what we do, we will never get “there” become “it” or see our dreams come true unless we start loving where we are at. Right here. Right now. This season of my life has been change, change, and more change. And even though I love change, and always have. It wasn’t exactly the change I was “dreaming” for. If I had it my way…well we won’t even go there. This season has allowed me time to rest and think. There has been lots and lots of thinking...

If  I am honest, it usually starts out with a little bit of “wish I was…” or “when I get there…”

Boom! There is it.

The answer you all have been looking for. The “dream maker” “success builder.” Don’t you see it?

God wants nothing more than to bless ABUNDANTLY, I might add, you!! But, he just can’t do it if we are ungrateful.

Being grateful, is the key. It is the long lost secret to this life. The thing we’ve all been waiting for.  The Lord has really been challenging me in this season of my life, to be grateful in ALL things. Right here. Right now.

It is not easy. Not fun. Not glamorous. But a necessity. If we want  to “love life” and ACTUALLY experience what our Pinterest boards are screaming at us. This is not an option!

I want nothing more than to know my Savior and love what I do each and every day! I want to love MY life, not my “one day life.” My life right here. Right now. So let’s give thanks…

1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 

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