To all you blog lovers out there.

I love to blog. I have two actually. :) But, I love to read them, almost more than I love to write them! It is a community of ideas, inspiration, creativity, and commonality that all come together. 

This beautifully orchestrated place we call the world wide web if FULL of knowledge. And I am fortunate enough to have come across a few gems in this great big sea. 

I have for (years) followed The Small Things Blog, written by Kate. She is a hairstylist and new mommy, who shares talents with all of us lucky enough to find her. - And even though I have never met her, she is a beauty inside and out, and I am honored to share her post with you today.

I loved her piece on wedding up do's and don'ts because doing hair is something I love. As you can see I am much more than a wedding planner..

Not just a wedding planner! Shhh
I guess, doing hair is something I love. :D
My up do- Inspired by Kate- The Small Things Blog

She gives advice about the nerve wracking idea of finding the perfect do for your wedding day. 

A wedding up do- I tackled!

If you have time. Read up And maybe follow her too. She is a doll!