Geena & Holden Winterset, Iowa

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Guys, did you know Winterset, Iowa was so stinkin' beautiful? In the flat farm land of Iowa I think sometimes when we see hills, valleys and mountains, we don't know what to do with all the beauty!


This wedding was such a special event for so many reasons, but mainly because we get to brag on our ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Wedding Planner, Heather. Remember her? Heather worked closely with Geena & Holden in the pre-planning stages AND she took on this event SOLO! WHAAAAA??

The vendors RAVED about her, the couple couldn't have been more grateful for her. And boy, we couldn't be more proud!

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By Heather Helgren

Holden and Geena’s wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. When I drove around the many bends and hills of the Winterset, Iowa countryside, I knew that it was going to be unique.

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The best element about this wedding was the venue. It was a sweet, beautiful acreage with vast valleys and scenic views. The barn wasn’t perfect, and that is exactly what I loved about it. It complemented not only the couple’s vibes, but also the wedding party’s.  I knew this when I noticed that the groomsmen chose to camp right outside the Air BnB in a small tent. I loved that. They didn’t mind “roughin’ it” just a little bit. So when I walked into the barn for the first time, with the dirt floor, exposed wooden beams and dusty windows, I thought to myself, “this is perfect.”

Even when I met Geena, I knew that she had a simple elegance about her that radiated natural beauty and grace.

I admired her right away.

Her intimacy with her family further confirmed why she loves Holden the way that she does.  She chose to wear her mother’s wedding dress, and she was positively stunning.

bride and groom first look bride in vintage white and brown fur groom in navy and bowtie.jpg

Holden’s relationship with his family and his groomsmen was something to be admired as well. I mean it with all my heart when I say I honestly loved working with the wedding party and their families. They were extremely encouraging and had “go with the flow” attitudes that wedding planners don’t find that often. They always approached me and asked what they could do to help.  When I looked stressed out or about to lose my mind, they would joke with me and be my comedy relief. These people were selfless, helpful, and even had a sense of humor that could make the hardest of hearts crack a smile. The wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them.

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Another unique element about the Rasmussen wedding was the culture that they incorporated into it. It was important for Geena’s family to express their heritage by presenting a bride piñata and groom piñata during the reception. Laughs erupted the entire barn as the blindfolded bride attempted to break the groom piñata, and the blindfolded groom tried to break the bride’s using a broomstick. Even the bridesmaids and groomsmen took at few swings at them! The joy and cohesiveness within their friends and families is clearly unbreakable (pun intended).

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I loved this wedding. The vendors were wonderful and talented (Up In Smoke BBQ was phenomenal!), the scenery was beautiful, and the guests were supportive and encouraging. It’s weddings like these that make me grateful to do what I do. It’s weddings like these that make the hours of sweat and problem solving all worth it.

bride and groom first kiss bride in vintage white and brown fur groom in navy and bowtie.jpg

I am thankful to be working for Mostly Becky, and I am even more thankful for the people that I meet along the way.

-Heather Helgren

And AS ALWAYS this beautiful day would not have been possible without the hard working vendors we had the pleasure to work alongside. Thank you for all you do! 

Bridal Wear- Dornink Bridal

Tent- A to Z Rentals

Portable Restroom- A King's Throne

Chairs & Tables- Breeding True Value

Linen- Party Depot

Photography- Alexander Michl Photography

Venue - The Barn at Lone Oaks Farm

Wedding Planning & Coordination- Mostly Becky Weddings & Events

Catering- Up in Smoke BBQ